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Why Abu Dhabi Makes A Perfect Hub For Properties?

Abu Dhabi, the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates is the pride of the country. Its ideal location makes it the perfect hub for properties.

When you go to buy a property, the first thing you look out for is the location at which it is situated. An apartment in a vacant desert will not catch your attention as much as the same apartment in front of a sea would.

Bottom line - A good location adds gems to the property and potential for a good real estate deal.

What makes Abu Dhabi a perfect hub for properties is the T-shaped Island that rushes into the Persian Gulf from the west coast, which is why, every Abu Dhabi Property is a unique gem glistering beneath the warm sun and cold water waves.

Do you question Abu Dhabi’s Real Estate Potential?

Abu Dhabi’s Real Estate potential has never been a question to those who know its value.

They say, "The value of a diamond can truly be estimated by a true gem smith."

Abu Dhabi is the home of the Nahyan Royal Family making it a place that glorifies with the royals.

Famous people around the world have already shown great interest in Abu Dhabi Properties. Famous chefs such as Rhodes, prefers Abu Dhabi as a charismatic location for establishing his Hotels and has by far, opened 3 hotels.

Celebrities from different professional fields love Abu Dhabi. They have bought apartments, homes and holiday houses while some have rented accommodations for their stay in Abu Dhabi.

No wonder, Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world.

Would you still question its potential? No? We don’t either.

From Property Purchase To Renting Accommodations, Everything that you need, Right here…

elysian Real Estate has years of experience in property. Whether you need a small 2 bedroom apartment or a luxury 5 bedroom suit apartment, we find you the best apartment worthy of your money.

We provide you everything from business properties from small scale to large scale, resorts, villas, luxury houses and much more.

The reason we are highly confident in our work is because we have a trusted specialized professional team of agents who prioritize quality over everything else.

These agents handpick the best deal apartments available in the market after getting the go from Abu Dhabi leading consultants.

Your Dream Home

elysian Real Estate does not believe in forcing you to buy something that we want to sell. We rather walk a mile to sell you what you actually would love to buy.

We talk to them about the kind of property they are looking for, if it is a renting accommodation, a home, a villa, a house, an apartment or for business.

We talk to them about the kind of property they are looking for, if it is a renting accommodation, a home, a villa, a house, an apartment or for business.

This gives us information on what our clients are looking for, we then go about a detailed analysis of exact properties available for them and then hand them over their dream home.

That’s our aesthetics in Real Estate world.

elysian Real Estate – Arabian Heritage In Modern Era

All our Abu Dhabi accommodations, homes and houses are well preserved with Arabian Heritage. We simply cannot erase our culture because it makes us who we are.

Even though we have modernized the properties to suit the needs and demands of the changing modern fashion, we still cling onto our heritage and everything that it has to offer us.

Our houses take you into a Modern Arabian Era.

Let’s look inside Abu Dhabi Homes, Apartments & Accommodations

If you are outside UAE and wish to spend your holidays in Abu Dhabi or perhaps buying a residence here, you wouldn’t be interested in an apartment or accommodation that is vacant, unmanaged and not livable.

Our homes, apartments and accommodations are what we call “Ready To Live.” They are fully furnished with current lifestyle trends and modern households. elysian Real Estate understands the needs of new modern life and all its housing have ready telephone connections, cable television and broadband internet connection already installed.

The houses have in-built wardrobes for your ease and they do save your space for a luxury living in small budget. Every room has its in-built wardrobe and installed air conditioner.

The kitchens are another specialty that stands proud in our housing. Our kitchens are model made keeping in mind the current kitchen trends that are compact, spacious and handy.

Did we tell you; all our kitchens have all the necessary appliances? Well, yes they do. So when you movie into one of our homes, you just have to bring in your suitcase and Start Living.

We don’t sell properties; we make your housing dreams come true

Home is where your heart is. How can we sell you something that you do not have a heart for? That’s why we do not sell properties. We make your housing dreams come true.

elysian Real Estate strives to provide you a living that is as per your needs, comfort and like. A place where you would love to spend your quality time in, with all your heart and with all your soul.

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Featured Properties To Buy
  • Kamoon, Old Town, 4 BR penthouse

    Kamoon, Old Town, 4 BR penthouse

    Old Town and Burj Khalifa

    AED: 10500000

  • Legacy, Jumeirah Park, 4 BR villa

    Legacy, Jumeirah Park, 4 BR villa

    Corner unit

    AED: 4200000

  • Old Town, Yansoon, 3 bedroom apartment

    Old Town, Yansoon, 3 bedroom apartment

    Corner unit

    AED: 4200000

  • Elite Residence, Dubai Marina, 1 BR apartment

    Elite Residence, Dubai Marina, 1 BR apartment

    Corner unit

    AED: 4200000

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  • 29 Blvd., Downtown, Studio apartment

    29 Blvd., Downtown, Studio apartment

  • Marina Quay West, Dubai Marina, 2 bedroom

    Marina Quay West, Dubai Marina, 2 bedroom

  • Trident Waterfront, Dubai Marina, 3 bedroom

    Trident Waterfront, Dubai Marina, 3 bedroom

    sea and marina

    AED: 200000

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