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Calculate the rent increase your property is eligible for by utilizing the following method set forth by Dubai decree No. 43/2013. Look up the average rent allowance for your unit according to the rental index below. Find the proportion of the planned increase in the rental value and determine the current value of the rent in the applicant’s contract. Click here for rental increase calculator

  • Equal to or less than 10% of the average rent, no increase in rent.
  • From 11% to 20% from the average rent, increase in rent 5%.
  • From 21% to 30% from the average rent, increase in rent 10%.
  • From 31% to 40% from the average rent, increase in rent 15%.
  • 41% or more from the average rent, increase in rent 20%.


  • Find the average rent in the rental index below for the unit AED 80,000 (if the range is 60,000 to 100,000 then the average is 80,000)
  • Current rent in the tenancy contract AED 60,000
  • Calculate what percentage the rent value falls below the rental index (80,000 – 60,000) \ 80,000 x 100 = 25%
  • According to the decree, we know that any contracts 21% to 30% below the average rental index are eligible for an increase of 10%.
  • Calculate the rental increase 60,000 x 10% = AED 6,000
  • Value of the new rent AED 66,000

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